SandyCTRightFace-300Sandy Rogers has been doing business in the Metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona market since 1992.

She has combined her 40 years plus of expertise in corporate sales, marketing and administration with creative entrepreneurial networking skills to become a master referral source. Her vast experience encompasses event production, planning and management, marketing, consulting, and coordinating of virtual networking organizations, as well as other projects related to promoting businesses, authors and holistic healthcare professionals.




In addition to being an original co-founder of Face Time Friday* and Face Time Networking, LLC*, a business leads and networking organization that supports entrepreneurs in referrals for their business, she is a Master Networker and Connections Ambassador. Sandy owns and manages several entrepreneurial businesses, including where she provides marketing, consulting and networking strategies. In 2005 Sandy received her Certified Networker® Professional (CNP) designation from the Referral Institute, which a part of Business Network International (BNI).


Living her passion for connecting people and projects, Sandy is well-known throughout the Phoenix business community. If you need to find someone who can help, call Sandy Rogers. She is “The Referral Queen” and can help connect you and your business to resources you may need.


Sandy is also the publisher of "The 5 Year Journal" - a book where you can journal daily on one page for up to five years. This book was originally written and published by Doreene Clement in 2000. Upon her passing in 2014, Doreene, asked Sandy to continue the publishing and distribution of this unique and valuable book. This concept has been copied many times, but there is nothing like the original. Learn more at


And, if you have the need to have any documents notarized, Sandy is a Commissioned Notary Public for the State of Arizona. Learn more at


realestate word cloudStay Tuned for a Special Announcement in the Fall of 2016

Sandy is resurecting a short-lived, yet very successful career she had in 1990-1992 in Louisville, Kentucky. Watch for an announcement about a new license to conduct business in Arizona with an Arizona State Real Estate License! She will be doing more than just residential sales - she will be referring a variety of businesses that provide services to the real estate industry. This would include property management, commercial, land sales, as well as ancillary services needed to conduct each of these sectors of real estate.



Disclaimer: In 2012 Sandy turned over her entire interest in Face Time Networking, LLC to her business partner and is no longer a part of the organization.